Medical Marijuana Seeds

Science has shown that marijuana seeds, used for medical purposes, has excellent qualities that can help some very sick patients in their quest for healing.

Because when we say marijuana, too many people quickly think of joints, drugs and prohibition... Keep in mind that the medical strains can also be used recreationally, although its high cannabinoid content must be taken into account.

However, the virtues of medical marijuana for patients with chronic pain, spasms related to multiple sclerosis, nausea or lack of appetite due to AIDS or cancer… is not to prove anymore.


marihuana medicinal mexico

What about medical marijuana in Mexico?

In Mexico, the Chamber of Deputies approves the medicinal use of marijuana on December 13, 2016. The prohibition and criminalization of medicinal use is eliminated.

Today the Ministry of Health is in charge of regularizing the cultivation and obtaining the plant.

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Showing all 4 results