Bushy Ryder Auto


Bushy Ryder Auto is one of those best autoflowering indicas. If you're looking for a weed with a relaxing and giggly high, then look no further. Bushy Ryder is for you. In addition, it is perfect for the extraction of resin as you can see.


Ready in 60 days !

Bushy Ryder is the cross between a Lowryder 2 and our secret indica strain. This marijuana is incredibly tasty like sugar. It has been developed for growers on the go, going from seedling to flowering very quickly. Bushy ryder is very compact and produces a lot of resin in the buds and leaves, making it very good for producing hashish, Marrakech butter or even space cake.

If you want to grow Bushy Ryder indoors, we recommend 24 hours of light for the first 3 weeks, then 16. It can withstand very high temperatures. Definitely a perfect autoflowering strain for Mexico.

The Best Autoflowering Indica my man !

Type: Indoor and outdoor
Taste : Fruity Sugar
Effect : Madness of laughter very relaxing
Autoflowering Feminized Seeds
Genetics: Ruderalis Indica
Growth + Flowering: 60 days

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