ERSB is a unique weed, coming from the best indica and sativa genes.


ERSB It is spectacular and grows 150% from the vegetative cycle to the flowering cycle. It is characterized by the distance between the nodes and it is a plant with a very high production. It is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. This marijuana hybrid flowers in a maximum of 65 days. Known to many as 'Super Bud', possibly because of its huge buds.

ERSB's buds are unmistakable, so big they're impressive. They also give off a sweet and very aphrodisiac smell. Some remind you of the scent of pineapple.

ERSB is one of the best sellers among consumers. This is possibly the high you get from just a couple of puffs. The journey you experience is incredible. A hybrid high, just like her. You will live an experience between relaxation and high, something that will make you love (more if possible) this weed.


– Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
– Hybrid origin
– THC levels unknown
– CBD levels unknown
– Flowering: 55-65 days indoors and outdoors

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