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Green Crack Auto autoflowering seeds come from the cross of a feminized Green Crack and a Ruderalis.

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Green Crack Auto is the sativa-dominant hybrid autoflowering version of the popular Green Crack strain. Green Crack Auto has added ruderalis genetics and is a great plant for beginners to grow, whilst appealing to the more discerning knowledgeable consumer.

How to Grow Green Crack Auto

The Green Crack Auto is quick to grow and has a growth cycle from seedling to harvest of just 8-9 weeks. In a short time growers will be able to obtain large crops indoors and outdoors. These plants reach a height of 60 – 90 cm. so even the largest plants in your grow won't take up too much space and are a great choice for indoor SoG techniques.

Outdoors they keep relatively inconspicuous and tying them up once they are well established will help keep an even lower profile in your garden, very useful if they are overlooked by the neighbours. The buds develop thick and fast and the large number of side branches add to the potential harvest amounts of this strain. Be generous with nutrients in bloom, as these are hungry plants and growers will reap the rewards at harvest time.

1 – Grow Green Crack outdoors for best results.
2 – Add more phosphorus at the beginning of the flowering stage.
3 – Learn how to spot nutrient deficiencies.
4 – Avoid mold.
5 – Improve indoor ventilation.
6 – Irrigation.
7 – Maintenance of high quality outdoor floors.

Is the Green crack weed good?

Her strong sativa effects are great for keeping you awake and going no matter what your day is like. For those who experience severe fatigue, consuming a higher dose of Green Crack weed is ideal, specifically in edible, concentrate, live resin, or candy form.

Genética Green Crack Auto

Green Crack x Ruderalis
Strain Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Feminized Sex
THC content 24%
Indoor Yield: 500 – 650 gr/m2; Exterior: 70 – 300 gr/plant
Plant height 60 – 90 cm.
Flowering time 63 – 70 days from seedling

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