Pineapple Express


Our Pineapple Express auto is a cross between a Skunk, a Hawaiian cannabis strain and a Ruderalis.

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Pineapple Express grows to a maximum height of 40-50cm, making her ideal for small indoor grow rooms or discreet outdoor marijuana fields. In about 65 to 75 days from seedling, Pineapple Express Auto produces a yield of about 30 grams per plant. Although Pineapple Express is not a high-yielding variety, its unusual and powerful organoleptic qualities will arouse your curiosity, as it combines an exotic fruit flavor with sweet undertones that linger on the tongue.

Her THC content of 15 percent will have a lasting impact, first energizing the intellect and then calming the body. Perfect marijuana to smoke with your girlfriend.

Yield: 30gr per plant
Harvest: 65 to 75 days after seedling
Height: 40-50cm
THC: 15%

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