White Widow

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Our White Widow is one of the best Indica weed ever created!

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Outdoors, White Widow develops into a thick and powerful Indica-shaped marijuana plant that can reach 2.5 meters in height. Its leaves are tiny, dark, and shiny, and they come in a range of shades of green. She also has several broad, pointed leaflets.

White Widow is a huge, robust and reliable producer of buds. Her amazing ability to make resin is another of her outstanding abilities. Its buds are covered in a thick layer of sticky trichomes during flowering, giving the plant an almost white appearance at its height.

White Widow's aroma is fresh and floral, but its flavor is deeper, with bittersweet nuances and extremely pleasant floral and fruity nuances.

White Widow is particularly known for its incredibly calming and restorative qualities. The physically strong 'high' from her allows you to rest deeply and achieve a lasting sense of tranquility. Ideal for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety or stress.

White Widow is equally good indoors and outdoors. It really is one of the easiest plants to grow in our collection.

Height: 100-125cm
Flowering: 9 weeks
Yield: 55-65 gr/plant
Effect: Powerful and cerebral
THC: 20%





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2 reviews for White Widow

  1. Colombiano

    es una buena mota. El sabor de esta planta de marihuana es interesante. Hay varios sabores que son similares a los del limón. Nos pareció encontrar lima que aporta ese lado elevado y especiado que apreciamos mucho aquí.

  2. Sinaloananas

    ¡Me encanta este ching… de híbrido! Efecto asombroso. Tenga algunos que crezcan fuertes en este momento y no puedo esperar hasta la cosecha. La Widow es fácil de cultivar y muy resistente. Cuídala y ella cuidará de ti.

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