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Buying Marijuana in Thailand

comprar marihuana en tailandia

Who is allowed to consume weed in Thailand?

Cannabis can be consumed by anyone over 20 years of age who is not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where can i smoke my weed ?

It is legal to smoke cannabis indoors, and licensed restaurants may serve food with cannabis. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in public areas such as shopping malls, schools and temples. It is punishable by three months in jail and a fine of 25,000 baht (US$750). In general, people should be careful not to "invade" the space of others.

Where can i buy some good weed ?

Across the country there are more than 5,000 dispensaries selling CBD oil, infused edibles, consumables with THC levels below 0.2%, pre-rolled joints and cannabis flowers. So, basically, you can almost Buy weed in Thailand anywhere

It is easy to find dispensaries in places like Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. However, we advise you to try to buy from accredited and licensed places.

Can it be cultivated?

Cannabis growers must register with their country's Food and Drug Administration. To use cannabis flower buds for research, export or commercial processing purposes, a permit is also required.

What is the maximum amount that can be smoked?

There are no restrictions for personal consumption. However, the ministry recommends not to drive while intoxicated.

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