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Growing Weed with Hydroponics

Hydroponic cultivation, very common for the production of fruits and vegetables, has also become increasingly popular in the world of marijuana. Growing weed hydroponically has several benefits, the most important of which is optimizing the performance of the plant. It must be said that for growers, the goal is not only to have quality weed, but also a good harvest.

Growing cannabis plants hydroponically is far from a straightforward approach. There are techniques to master to keep marijuana plants healthy. Here's everything you need to know to successfully grow cannabis hydroponically.

With Hydroponics, you need a water pump, an air pump, baskets or buckets, and inert substrates like coir or rock or clay balls. To all this is added the tubes and droppers as well as the nutrients. Obviously, the growing material to be used can vary according to the chosen hydroponic system.

The choice of inert substrate must be made carefully. Clay balls are the most used since they guarantee better aeration of the root system. Coming from volcanic rock, rockwool is also highly appreciated as it allows better hydration of the upper part of cultivated plants.

Some growers use perlite, a volcanic glass also known for its ability to aerate the growing medium. But coconut fiber is the best option out there. It not only allows for better ventilation, but also ensures good water retention. In addition, it can protect the roots against infections related to the stimulating elements of the water.

How the hydroponic system works

In the grow room, the plants will first grow in the mesh basket or pot filled with inert substrate. Over time, the roots will grow.

the roots will then come out of the basket to fall into the water tank. They will have instant access to nutrients and will be able to use them more easily. The Benefits of Growing Cannabis Hydroponically is a solution that offers several advantages.

That's why so many marijuana growers have embraced it all over the world, from Toronto to Brisbane. Discover the advantages of enjoying yourself by focusing on this cultivation method.

Optimal performance

Easy quality control

fast growth

A simple and practical culture.

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