Big Bud

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Big Bud is one of the world's most beloved weed strains, an Indica/Sativa hybrid with smooth smoke and a long-lasting blissful high.


Big Bud is widely used for therapeutic purposes to treat common ailments, lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety or stress.

Big Bud was one of the first varieties to appear on the commercial seed market. This medium height plant was bred for maximum production, producing large buds with enormous leaves, and may require the use of stakes to support the branches and prevent the plant from sagging under its own weight. Big Bud is mainly recommended for hydroponic or indoor cultivation, although with a bit of luck, and with a temperate climate, you can also grow it outdoors.

The growth is very strong, although the height is easy to control and predictable. Plants that have reached completion point can be kept below 30cm. if they flower as cuttings. Through a longer vegetative stage, large plants can easily be obtained.

The side branches are contained, with most of the production concentrated in the central stem, making Big Bud feminized a natural variety for SOG, as long as it is kept small it is an ideal candidate for boosting buds at the tips, when grown in sizes medium or large.

The central feature of Big Bud feminized is its enormous production. On both small and large plants, the flower beds are huge, bright and wonderfully compact.


Feminized Seeds
Flowering: 50-65 days
Yield: 150g
Height: 110-150cm

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3 reviews for Big Bud

  1. Experta MX

    Big Bud es una variedad de marihuana que hace exactamente lo que dice en la lata. ¡El nombre sugiere que obtienes cogollos grandes y ciertamente no decepciona! Ha sido una de las favoritas de los cultivadores de malezas durante décadas porque es bastante fácil de cultivar, es resistente a las plagas y las enfermedades, proporciona cogollos masivos y potentes y proporciona un rendimiento muy alto cuando se utilizan las técnicas de cultivo adecuadas.

  2. Chachachavez

    Rendimiento Brutal !!!!!!!

  3. Tuco

    El efecto es bueno, pero está lejos de ser el mejor que he fumado. Pero la cosecha es impresionante.

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