Runtz Auto


Runtz Autoflowering, a delight for those growers who love Californian weed.


Runtz Auto is characterized by being productive and fast flowering. Great results are achieved both in indoor cultivation and in outdoor cultivation. In indoor cultivation, Runtz Auto has a rapid growth, approximately 3 weeks. This autoflowering genetics takes only about 70 days to mature and is characterized by being very stable. It is capable of producing crops of 500 grams per square meter with photoperiods of 20 hours of light.

In outdoor cultivation, the autoflowering Runtz variety is capable of developing its full potential. It is necessary to stake the plant to prevent the branches from falling due to the weight of the flowers. If grown in optimal conditions, it develops an incredible purple color. Runtz Autoflowering is characterized by giving off a very sweet and powerful flavor, the name comes from the famous American candies "Runts". The effect is cerebral and relaxing at the same time.

-Very resinous variety.
-Variety Ruderalis
-Sativa 50% / Indica 50%.
-Stable and homogeneous culture.
-Harvest 70 days after germination.
-Outdoor production from 70-150gr per plant.
-Indoor production of 500 g/m2
-Very sweet aroma and taste.

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