Orange Sherbet Auto


Orange Sherbet Auto marijuana has earned its place among the most coveted and appreciated landrace strains by growers and consumers alike.


This variety, derived from high-quality parent strains, offers a unique experience that combines citrus aromas, delicious flavors and well-balanced effects. In this article, we will explore the distinctive aspects of Orange Sherbet Auto, from its origins to its cultivation and effects.

Origins of Orange Sherbet Auto:

Orange Sherbet Auto is the result of crossing Orange Cream, Purple Thai, and a ruderalis strain. These parent strains contribute to the distinctive characteristics of this variety, which has gained popularity for its unique terpene profile and balanced effects.

  1. Orange Cream: It contributes citrus and sweet tones, bringing an orange and cream aroma and flavor to the blend.
  2. Purple Thai: It adds depth to the terpene profile and can influence the physical and mental effects of the strain.
  3. Cepa Ruderalis: The presence of the ruderalis strain gives Orange Sherbet Auto its autoflowering capability, which means that it flowers automatically rather than depending on changes in the light cycle.

Distinctive Characteristics:

  1. Aroma and Flavor: Orange Sherbet Auto is known for its intense citrus aroma with hints of creamy sweetness. The buds give off a bouquet of ripe oranges and cream, creating a delightful sensory experience.
  2. Terpenes Profile: Dominated by terpenes such as limonene, myrcene and humulene, this strain offers a complex aromatic profile that goes beyond its name. Limonene contributes citrus tones, while myrcene and humulene contribute earthy and herbal nuances.
  3. Balanced Effects: Orange Sherbet Auto tends to induce balanced effects, offering a harmonious combination of physical relaxation and mental uplift. Its hybrid properties make it a versatile choice for different times of the day.
  4. Autoflowering growth: Thanks to its autoflowering genetics, Orange Sherbet Auto has a shorter life cycle and does not depend on changes in photoperiod to flower. This makes it suitable for novice growers and those looking for quick harvests.
  5. Compact size and easy to grow: Orange Sherbet Auto plants tend to be compact and manageable, which makes them ideal for limited space or growers with height restrictions. Its resistance also makes it suitable for beginner growers.

Cultivation of Orange Sherbet Auto:

  1. Soil and Nutrients: It prefers a well-drained substrate rich in nutrients. A balanced feeding program during the different stages of growth and flowering will favor its development.
  2. Lighting: Being an autoflowering strain, Orange Sherbet Auto can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors. Providing adequate lighting indoors or taking advantage of natural light outdoors will contribute to healthy growth.
  3. Climate Control: It maintains optimal temperature and humidity conditions to maximize yields and avoid problems such as mold. Its resistance to environmental stress is an advantage for growers.
  4. Pruning and Training: Given its compact size, pruning and low stress training can help maximize light exposure and improve bud distribution.
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